Monday, July 28, 2008

Mind Control Threat Account

Yesterday 28th Of July,while I was on my way to a nearby public national library near the school,there was a perpetrator,of age around 10-14 years old,wearing a jersey-liked T-shirt with the words printed on his back,"LAN REN 19",deliberating waiting near the shopping centre of the bus interchange.

Just before I went out of my house to school library, I hear the same similiar voice(V2K technology)that seems to come from the flat above my ceiling near the kitchen,with a very hoarse hypocritic guy voice "I am sorry.You are a good guy".Of course knowing that it may come from the real perpetrators performing the act, as well as from their use of the evil technology,V2k or any mind control weapons at their disposal.

Today,at around 1245pm,on my way to school library,I saw the a car near my carpark with the logo of "DSO" on the wind screen.Apart from that there is another red car parked at a corner,with the word "police" words by the side near the front door,with a lot of logos pasted on his windscreen.The former has appeared in front of my apartment for quite a few times already.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Threats And Excuses Heard From "Invisible Voices' And Perpetrators

Today on the way to the school library in the bus, I heard the "voice" not really sure if it is the voice from a "supporting role perpetrator" or is it from the "invisible high tech criminals".They say this to me,"Who tells you to be so big-mouthed,there are a lot of reporters, I assuming they are referring to the conspiracies that they are trying to cover up."


Monday, July 14, 2008

Job Interviews Sabotages Experience

Today,I got another newspaper job advertisements from my "elder brother" and "Mum".
Again, this time round, I do not what they are up to,I believe it is going to be the same old "attacks" tricks.

Just to name some of the past experiences of the job interviews that i have whic have been carefully planned and set up by these perpetrators to make me a paranoid and nut case,which I myself,was also too deceived.

In many of my job interviews so far that I had,all the interviews were like a matter of life and death, which I do not believe that there will be anyone in this world will encounter,except we, the MC victims.Death sublimal messages all around you before you reach the company for interviews.The perpetrators in my house will create a tense situation with soem carefully planned conversations,then,when i reached the company for an interview,there will be a couple of "interviewees" waiting there for me, to add on to the "tense" environment.Along the way for the interviews, there will be many perpetrators all around following me to attract my attention and distract me,their usual means of mind control techniques. From what i have read from some sources, these are what these perpetrators usually like to do in order to sabotage your work,job interviews and etc.

Even the one who interviews me,has to be carefully "screened" and "selected" before interviewing me.They would "seem" to know all the conversations that i have heard or engaged in and all the expereiences prior to the interview,and they would try to "exploit" these and 'attack' me again.

To many of the mc victims,jobs are not possible to them, as allt eh jobs will be sabotaged by these perpetrators,by inflicting conflicts to the victims' coworkers and the victims themselves.

Many of the mC victims that i know of so far ,including me has resorted either to arts and crafts,selling own-made stuffs or online opportunities.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Perpetrator On My Way Back To Home

Yesterday at around 6.45pm 10th Of July,while I was returning back from library, another perpetrator is waiting on the bridge between the two institutions.After a while, another perpetrator ,his collaborator comes along and they start to walk towards my direction with a book titled "The Logic Of Life" deliberately flashed towards me.

Today while i was on my way to the library, a guy on top of a building deliberately talked very loudly with a phone on his hand at his balcony.He was a "guy" wat around the age of 40++ i think.

Today while i was on my way to the library, this time round there is another guy wearing a shirt with "USA logo" on his shirt and then mumble something on himself.


Experience with perrpetators from coorporations in shopping centres

This is an account that makes me believe that the perpetrators actually come from the major coorporations in the world.When i am in the shopping centres, different groups of staffs in the large shopping mall will come one by one representing one of the shop with their shop t-shirt deliberately walk past me and send those "hand" or "mouth" signal to me.Most oftenj they will proceeding to the toilet in the sghopping mall which i wonder why?Are they trying to tell me that they are geting some listening bugs in the toilet by someone or what or just trying to use their "confusion tactics".

In the case of the shopping mall,there will be many weird constant upgrading,renovations of certain shops within just a couple of days or weeks.They will relocate the different shops all over the shopping centres to confuse me or sometimes they will change the signboards and even the navigation sign boards.
At traffic light junction, there will people trying to send some signals to me ,follow by a car zooming past me immediately indicating "death threats" I suppose.

There is also a case when i go shopping for a camcorder,when i try to gather evidence of their perpetrators acts by using the voice recorder, the shop owners will "seem to know" and reject me from their shops when i just ask some information about the products that i wanted to buy.


Experience with people wearing the cross pendant

Even until today ,there are a lot of peole wearing the cross pendants that keep on harrassing me.They often come deliberately in front of me with their hands clinch together as if indicating o "pray" to the lord.There have been numerous attempts to "force me" to go to the church to "pray" if not "you will be punished".Unwillingly to be made into "slaves" by them,I rejected them and there will tons and tons of different forms of harrassment by perpetrators all over the places which show signs of different groups,the christians,the government political party,police,security groups,many different coorporation personnels,health group personnels and many more.

Even on one occasion,my "sis" a "christian" also invite his pastor to come to my house for a talk.I have even sent this particular pastor an account of the "invisible voices' and also the MC victim petition website to him.
However, he indicates that the voice come from the "devils" and i am advised to go to the church for prayer,if not this "voice" will keep on harrassing me.

There will be "voices" at night while i was trying to sleep or surfing the net whereby the voices will say "please do not leave", "i owe you too much" and many others.Those voices that i heard, i am not sure who they are trying to "represent who" but theya re many syblimal messages that come from the public that try to make me think that these are the groups that they are referring to.
They are also voice saying "death sentence","you are a good person","you are bad person" and all thsoe common messages that i mention in my first post when i am in the library.

Lately what i do is just imagine a rubbish jute and throw everything i hear into the jute or deliberately "helping to analyze them what they are trying to do" in my mind.


Perpetrators Using Advertisements which are related to the governement

This is an account as a witness of myself ,as a chip implant mind control victim,who was constantly harrassed by perpetrators who make use of different types of advertisements in the form of logos and headines in newspapers reports shown by perpetrators deliberately so as to give me a sublimal messages.

Those perpetrators include buses,trains,taxis,shopping products with constant changing logos that suit "how i am on that day or week".Some examples include,when i respond to something very quickly in a situation,almost immediately,there will be a bus or taxis carrying a logo "flexibility" advertisement move past me.There will advertisements that reflect the "personality trait" on that particular day or event taht i encounter,or "personal messages" that come from a "certain groups" or "people".
These have been happening since 2006 even until now.I shall not give an encounter of all the logos that i see in the past as there are too much to remember.

Just today,I see a police motorcyle went past me while i am on my way to the school library,I hear a "soft voice" that says "i am the cause of your plight".Later when i reach the bus terminal,I saw buses carrying logos of the police advertisements and a defense government agency advertisement,carrying the words "realise your potential in the real world" and "are you the greater mind that we are looking for".


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Witness Of Mind Control With Manipulation Of Animals

These evil invisible criminals are totally inhumane.Apart of using those wicked weapons and technology to remotely slowly torture and attack us for their perverted psychotic amusement and leisure,animals like cockroaches,lizards,birds,bees,flies and even mosquitoes are not spared either.They were frequently used in hands together with the media(TV),"family robots" as well as the public perpetrators for their mind attack and torture.The most commonly use animal that they try to manipulate against me is the parrot in my house whereby the parrot will scream at the "right intervals" whenever a sublimal message is passed to me either through the "robotic humans" or the invisible "voices".

Birds or fighter planes will fly across me after they pretend to send a message to me that "you are freed" but in actual fact that does not happen.That is one of their way of manipulating us,victims emotions,to torture us to death.



Monday, July 7, 2008

Singapore Mind Control Victim

I am a chip-implanted mind-control victim(Singapore) who have been constantly harrassed since 2006 after the "accidental death" of my Industrial attachment in a government defence company,DSO National Laboratory,in which i was diagnosed as Schizophrenia,paranoid and a "cancer" that i was condemned to take "medicine" for the rest of my life.
Realized that it was actually a conspiracy probably to use me as slaves in the name of religious purposes,charity organisations ,mental health institute,"experiments","personality changes","election","nation building","investigation","nation security","you are a God","common purposes conspiracy","psyops warfare experiments subjects",assasination attempt to cover up crimes and many many others committed by these evil liars/criminals.Only realized that i was chip-implanted and the perpetrators can actually remotely read my mind from a distance just a few months ago, when a perpetrator tries to "threathen me" for their purposes.
They have psychologically abused me not only at home but public places as well.

Public Places
These perpetrators have tried to torture me in many many ways even in public places.Perpetrators are everywhere on the streets,all stationed at almost every streets and corners in my country waiting for me.They would show me some kinds of weird hand signals like numbers 4,6,8,1,2,5,finger pointing up,pointing down.Constant verbal abuses by these perpetrators are very often.They normally come together with hundreds of people,including young children,adults,elderly,students and people from all walks of life and professions.They will take turns to follow me in wherever i go be it,shopping centres, buses or trains.They will come into the train that i board in hundreds.They will send me suicide,sublimal messages whenever they walk past me.I was seemed to be under the "monarch mind-control/MKULTRA project" which i had read somewhere.

Home Abuse
At home,my "robot family members" will also often mumble some weird mouth and hand signals in front of me purposely in sychronization with "TV Talking","neighbours who try to produce loud thug noises directly above my room","deliberate car bangings near my neighbourhood which is full of carpark".Weird telephone rings picked up by my "family members" with common words "embedded in their conversations with the same words as mentioned above" are almost an everyday thing.I have experienced tons and tons of psychological abuse by "my family members" whereby they always give me all sorts of "stupid contradicting advices" which they themselves do not even know,showing "hot" and "cold" emotions in different time intervals.Sometimes they will force me to watch the "tv programs that actually talks to me" and then add in some "fully planned conversations" so as to manipulate me.
Whenever , I try to contact similiar victims in the internet whereby it was secretly monitored by those "invisble perpetrators",the next moment they will call up a group of people including strangers to my house for their "verbal abuse session".
There will be many attempts to force me to go and "pray to the god".
There are also many attempts by my family to tamper with my things while i was asleep or while i was out.Frequent deliberate tampering of my computer and belongings are also not a rare phenonemon.

TV media and newspapers
I realized that the TV is actually "talking to my mind" in 2008 as mentioned earlier on after a death threat from a "staged perpetrator".
The TV can instantly reply me in whatever my mind is thinking.When i try to capture the TV program with my Camcorder,it stops immediately.At that point of time, I can be100% sure that the TV is actually "talking to me".Sometimes the TV show even "tell me what i am wearing" as soon as i reach home.

Deliberate Sirens,banging of car doors and people screaming
Late at night, sometimes there will be people screaming with a very high-pitch sound which seem like a "woman voice" with verbal abuse or insulting message.
In the past, ambulance or police sirens will come following a death threat,abuse that come from nearby passerbys.

Invisible voices out of nowhere
Invisible voices suspected that come from the v2k technology often comes in while i was working on my computer or when i try to sleep at night.They have tried to deprive me of sleeps for countless nights but lately do not know why i was being put into a "curfew of 12pm ligths off policy".
Lately,I can even hear these "invisible voices" at public places and shopping centres.