Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gem Of History Is In Them

I heard from the people that I am a legend which has a vast story to tell,a sacrifice that has a history behind him that is worth to be kept.
Do not forget about the Nazis manipulators who are "hearing" my brain right now as i wrote this blog now.They are the ones who carry out all the manipulations,spreading of rumours,planning,killing,etc while CONSTANTLY KEEPING EVERYONE OF US IN TRACK OF WHAT WE ARE THINKING AND WHAT WE ARE DOING.
THE DILEMMA,THRILL,FEAR,LOVE,CONFLICTS,DECISIONS of them hiding behind us as they watch will really be the key important history events THAT WILL SHAPE THE FUTURE.
They form the key bulk of history as they know everything from top to toe which all of us have no ideas of what they are thinking as they carry out all the manipulations and actions.They also got my history too.One key thing we are sure of is we will never know whether the history is true or not if we cannot prove if they are saying the truth.
If the chips that is being inserted into my and other TIs' brain by them is now used on them instead on these Nazis,we believe that we will have our true history right before our eyes,
THE REAL PRECIOUS GEM that all of us are looking for.
I wonder if I can ever live to see the history.


Greg said...

You are being trained as a mercenary. This has happened to a lot of us "assets". Why don't you go watch the Bourne Identity and think about the "program" that Jason Bourne went through. Then watch The Truman Show and think about what someone with financial resources such as one to two million dollars a year could do to a targeted individual as well as why the government considers certain people to be $50,000,000 weapons. This is something you are born into as you can tell by your friends and your family all being paid spy actors. You are being forced to become a spy/mercenary/asset/tool. This group is called the Syndicate and is controlled by the behind the scenes elite who are programming all of us for our roles in society (free masons, religious zealots, extremist organizations, etc are all playing a role). Enjoy - remember that it is training so whether you think it sick and sinister is a matter of perspective. Many low level people training you do not even likely realize what is going on. Do research. Remember that when things are not voluntary, the results are generally less than "useful" so almost everything will occur voluntarily.