Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hypocritic Criminals Wanted Me To Sue Them All The Way

These facist criminals wanted me to sue them all the ways despite my insist that I only trust the human rights organisation.They imply to me that they wanted to make the whole world believe that I trust the law by forcing me to sue all the way by torturing me with their directed energy weapons.At times they told me not to fight saying " You have a lot of money,why can't you just listen.Stop fighting."At other times,they say that they do not want to die and force /threaten me not to fight and better stop at whatever activism or spreading awareness work that I am doing.

I have already filed my case to the relevant human rights organisations and if prosecutions of all these criminals will really happen,they will have contacted me.Maybe the time is not ripe yet.
I will be waiting while I continued to spread awareness though I knew that there were not a single local person in this country reading my blogs as I wrote for they would be restricted and "tore down"(make a 404 request error on the public browser).

Only the Americas are the ones who have visited my websites so far who can be a witness of all the atrocities that have been done on me.