Saturday, September 5, 2009

I wonder how many people they have illegally chipped

As an illegally chip-implanted victim myself,I have realized that these criminals can implant these bio-chips into anybody in the world without them realizing it.This chip I believe is the verichip which is as small as a grain of rice.All it takes is just a split of seconds of swallowing or implanted beneath the skin,and that is it,you are condemned and ridden of all your rights from now on.That is how scary these chip implant is and you will forever be slaves of these insidious technology and your destiny and fate are in total control by these criminal Nazis mind controllers hands.

As i "speak" to the mind controllers,"how many people have you secretly chipped into".
They keep silent which is not their normal self whereby they will brag about their technology.


michael said...

They implant the brain transmitter when you are asleep. If you rent a flat/house then the landlord will give the key to someone that will enter your place while you are snoring away and you wont feel a thing when they implant it to your brain through your nose.

If you live in a bought flat/house then you will be invited to a holiday with a group of (family/friends) where you will stay in a hotel. Someone will likely give you a key to your room but they will keep a copy of it without you knowing and someone will enter your room while you are snoring away and place the brain transmitter in your head.

There is a website somewhere where you need a password and username and once you access that place you can see what other people see and hear from people that have the brain transmitter. You can only see and hear what they see and hear. You cant see their face unless you catch them looking in the mirror (most likely in the morning or night when you brush your teeth.)

Most people that have the brain tranmitter use the website to look up friends and classmate to see how they are doing.

Those people that talk to your head might be your friends you knew when you where young but didn't keep in touch.

They are most likely not doctors but ordinary people. They use google to read up on psycology and stuff to make them sound more intelligent than they are.

They are not coders and they are most likely eavesdropping on your manager/co worker who might comment on your programming skills. Yes, the people around you have the brain transmitter but they might not be aware of it.

Lots of people have the brain transmitter throughout the world. Most get told about it and get access to the website, and some don't.

Ashenvale said...

let me know how you are still doing.

If they harass you day and night then it means they dont have a job =).

If they can see your dreams, imagination, read your thoughts then you probably did something stupid. People can only talk to your head if they have the authority, and yes they are ordinary people and not some special secret agent. They don't get paid to harass you. Be lucky you still have your job. The question is... did they release your mind? It means anyone can poke at your brain (memory, imagination, dreams, thoughts, etc).

Don't bother with human right thing. No one will believe you. You don't have any evidence of you being tortured by them. If you go to doctors they will label you as schizophrenia. There is nothing you can do.

Isaiah 53 said...

point of this life is to get to heaven. in the beginning was the Word (Jesus), and the Word (Jesus) was with God (Father + Holy Spirit), and the Word (Jesus) was God. dead are in heaven or hell. so-called hauntings/ghosts are demons fooling around. within 3 days after you die, you visit places you love. then you go through 20 ordeals to see if you go to heaven. if you pass all 20, you'll go to heaven. regardless, you'll be shown heaven and hell. all this occurs within 40 days of death. most people fail to pass heresy ordeal. a buddhist who led a nice life can't pass it and goes to hell. reincarnation and karma are demonic lies. dreams are from the devil most of the time. don't believe in dreams. aborted babies go to hell for 33 years. any unrepented sin leads to hell. pale gay red-eyed flying antichrist rules from jerusalem. euro is his currency. demons fly in ufo ships. no aliens exist. nobody lives on other planets. 666 tattoo by lasers is given when people stretch hands to receive small grey plastic world passport. police will laser people on the highways. food stores will be set up to laser people too. rfid chips and electronic tattoos are used to track people to laser them. unforgivable sins are: suicide, worship of antichrist, and 666 tattoo by lasers. pray to Jesus to save you from hell.

Abraham C.H. Lee said...

The TOs do not have to be illegal chipped or having any implAnt inject via their ears of brain stem, the particular brain wavelength can be locked down via wireless eeg & brain-computer interface thru my findings on internet.

Sinsotorn Sinsubtaweekun said...

My lab have RNM and V2K modulator/demodulator to assist you out.