Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who my perps are?

These invisible perps are highly intellectual people who called themselves as elites as I try to find out about their identity and personality.They are most probably psychologists or doctors with the uniform group supporting them.They have been acting psychopathically(yes they are in fact regarding to personality even though they are acting as one(behaviourly)).Their aim is probably to want to let others know that they are psychopaths so that they can get away from their crimes by playing their own games(their self created laws and rules for their own use) but they are not.They have high analytical ability who are "excellent" in "psychological warfare"(playing like little children monkeys in fact,the sadistic nature of psychological attacks) to force me to craziness.They are extremely highly educated and are very good in English as they have a vast amount of vocabularies as I tested them wittedly.They are extremely well-verse in psychology as they can even name some of the psychology theories like milton erickson hypnosis and other long name one which they mention of that I cannot remember without any pause when asked without their awareness as they try to show off their prowess.One thing I am sure is that they are very very well-verse in Singapore's law,they are definitely from the corrupted Singapore uniformed group in collaboration with other foreign agencies as they always try to send me threats if I happen to do something "illegally"(I wonder if it is really illegal,most probably self-made) which can only be found in "Singapore context",like watching online streaming videos which they have the ability to restrict my ip from getting to those sites but they did not(I wonder why).They have many hackers and computer experts and gurus with them as they seem to know all the different types of programming language with excellent proficiency and are very excited when programming come into play as they always try to show their "intelligent" by sending "beeping signals" when I program wrongly.They are extremely high technology criminals who are totally above the law as they are not afraid at all when I contacted the human rights organizations for help.They even told me that no one can help you,you can call for help for all you want for they have superweapon that everybody fears.They have no sense of urgency as they take their time to torture ,kill and "play games with" me ,a clear indication that they are enjoying themselves all these while without any fear. They indeed have technology only,without that I believe that they are nothing as they refuse to come out from their hiding place and it has been proven when I test them on chess and computer games.They try to act as if they cannot think fast and stupid when it is not as I can differentiate it very well being an above average chess player myself.It is very clear,THEY WANT TO ESCAPE.They also hate a specify people a lot especially me as they only targeted us in shows which I do not know why.(Intention is death threat and blackmailing but why they target those few apart than me are still a myth.From observations,it looks like it is because they feel that they are important to me that is why they are used however it is not. After further investigation,i realize that they hate them a lot as they can use many others too if the reason is stated as in the former.I have tested this hypothesis and I have confirmed that they hated them a lot apart from me.I am currently trying to find out the reasons as to why they hate them so much too.By the way,they are very sound mentally as they carry out their atrocities on me as I interrogate them without their awareness to find out more about them.