Wednesday, January 14, 2009

V2K attacks and their confession

Confessions Of their atrocities/crimes
They told me through the V2k that the local authority has sold the nation to a foreign nation for mind control so as to regain back their power and control over the citizens.
They told me that they are the law enforcement group and they wanted to kill me as i am their pest.They want to cover up all the crimes and atrocities that they have committed and have tried tons of intimidation techniques to coerce me into submission since they failed their assasination and brainwashing attempts.
They told me to accept the "money" or "gold" and cover up their crimes or else face the consequences of death.They told me the whole world are investigating me which the ultimate aim is to remove me,as a pest.

They begged me "can you dun fight?","i dun wan to see you die" and many such hypocritic actions so as to make themselves look good before finishing me off.
They also say very often in a very threathening manner,"you still want to fight",after my constant refusal to succumb to their demands of giving them "history" ,story into the hands of these criminals.
They have been sending constant sublimal messages to my head that "you have caused the misery of the daughter,you are the one causing all these,you are the cause of this and that" and many more.

Even TV shows,media and etc are all used to coerce/trick me into false confessions to cover up their crimes,making me a scapegoat of every crime that they committed through the means of psychology tricks of instilled guilt,fear,compassion,etc.
Of course only those under mind control can see what types of suggestions are trying to instill into my brain.(If you ever watch the Singapore TV shows,try to look at the perspective of trying to coerce someone into confessions of some rumours or stories that you have heard of),I believe you can discover something.
Also be careful of "messages" from the media that tries to "lead you to some false conclusions" that they try to make you believe.

All these millions dollars fraud crimes are in the expense of unsuspected taxpayer's money and time.
These people did not realise that they are "digging their own grave every day" to let these criminals perfect their crimes(using "experiments","investigations" and etc as disguise) and sending out portion of their income every month to these facists criminals to lead themselves to their own doomsday in the coming future.
They are also trying to make a mark on your children's life that they will regret in the future of being a "murderer" on me without realising which I believed it will be used to threathen them in the future.




Abuse Experience Of Working As A Sales Shop Assistant

This is an account of my abuse job experience in a retail shop.

Abuse Accounts
My shop manager,Sin D(Alias),whom I have confirmed,as one of the main perpetrator who has been manipulating all the attacks so far,have been coordinating with all the others to abuse me or push me out of the job,"as a means to console themselves".
There will be many "customers" coming into the shop to sabotage me,by picking many shoes,verbal abuse,and many others.
The main perpetrator of all these criminal attacks,Mrs Sin D,would try to dislocate all the goods of all places for me to find deliberately ,nicely set up for the "customers" to pick their "shoes" with total no remorse or conscience at all.
I strongly suspect that they are from the terrorist organisation,the "law enforcement agency",who have been trying to assasinate me and cover up their crimes against me.
Sin D has also admitted to me their crimes against me, though I have no evidence.
They accused me of some crimes I never did and try to "punish me" and try to stop me from fighting them and mind controlled me.
Any of the stalkers whom are captured in the video cameras in the shop can become my witnesses.
The same synchronisation tactics were carried out by them as usual.
Goods will be marked with unrelated words associated with the shoes and other products.

Indency Psychological Abuse Skits

There are even worse psychological attacks by one of the perpetrator wearing an army running suit,who pulls her "daughter's"(someone else daughter I suspected who agrees to let him use for the skit) swimsuit and put his hand into her swimsuit where her breasts are,trying to cut the attached price tag.These were aimed at attacking me psychologically.These forms of attacks have also been used on me in the past suspected to be a ritual cult abuse and assasination.After that,Sin D will act as if she is "kira(the character in death note)" passing judgement,by attacking me,accusing me of indecency acts of looking at girls.She will claim she is the "rightheous one","if you take,I give you".Enduring and handling all these these psychotic self-direct,self-act psychological abuse skits form part of my job life.
But of course these are the everyday skits of all these mentally unsound psychopaths,aim at driving me to craziness.One thing that I see in these psychopaths,they will try to find "excuses" before attacking me,an acts of self deceit and self-console to justify their actions.
They have already violated the illegal assembly and Public Order and Nuisance acts.
There is even one occasion that i go for swimming,and there will a lady perpetrator wearing bikini,trying to "flash her breasts" to me deliberately in a sauna-like pool,after that they will then indirectly tell me to "let them off" and I will give you anything,though I have not requested for one.
They even told me that they will give me anything I wish for as long as i do not fight them.So i tested them by requesting for woman in my brain since i know that they can read my mind remotely.
Occasionally they will also send "bribed" ladies to come to the shop with bikinis and acting to look for swimwears.They will then try to perform all sorts of "indecent acts" right in front of me with unbuttoned clothes.

Deception Acts Of "Alliances"
There will be some self-exclaimed "lady samaritans" coming to the shop,giving me impression that they are coming to help me.They try to give me an impression they know my suffering,and they are coming to let me have "pleasure",by wearing swimming suits and touching me,my hands especially,trying to molest me.And they are always on the move of attracting my attention.Of course there are times I receive pleasure from their stupid deceptive acts to lessen my own agony.

Confession Of Atrocities By The Perpetrators
She has admitted to the atrocities of their crimes of "assasinating me","making me a scapegoat" so as to cover up their crimes,asking me to shut up.
They tried all types of intimidation techniques so as to coerce me into their submission which i strongly refused.
She has also admitted to her crime invloving the use of children and students of the public school to harrass me,suspected of using "national education" or "social responsibility" or "investigation" as a disguise.
She had also threathened me that if I fought,she and "they" would have to kill me which I have heard millions of times,and then she and their accomplices will start their "usual attacks" on me to kill me.They have tried many assasination attempts but in vain.
When i try to investigate her by asking which group of political party do you support in the election?
She says cannot say,it is a "crime".After probing her further that it is not a crime to talk about the voting in non-election time,she finally answers of course it is the famous "xxxxxxx party", and says that she has no choice but to vote for that party.There were even once a big size guy of age around 50s to 60s told me that it was all the Lee's doings,telling me that this world most important thing is money and power in Mandarin,telling me that the Lee's has all that they have nothing to play so they toy with my life cause I have offended them.But of course they are very clever too by saying that he just like to bullshit as a cover with their own people as alibi.
Under the local constitution law acts,anyone suspected of being forced to vote for any particular political party is deemed as a serious crime and will be subjected to imprisonment and canning.
She also claims that they have been buying "foreign workers" to finish me off.