Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conversation with the invisible perpetrators

Yesterday 2 April 2009, I went to IMH for consultation to get my latest report on health status.I was asked by some of the staff there to take part in their ongoing studies about schizoprenia which I objected.Later in the afternoon around 230pm,I went to club EPIP for their art expression activities.Many new faces of age between 18 to 26 with the exception of a few that I got to know of in my previous visit.I encounter an Indian ITE schoolboy of age 18 who claims that he is from catholic background.He told me that he had received a letter from Mindef that fines him 10 000 dollars out of no reason.He told me he was asked by Mindef to come to the hospital though he had no illness.On the same day,upon reaching home,only after i received a letter from Mindef indicating my reservice period,did I realise that it is still the same old usual intimidation suffocating paranoid inducing technique that they play on me.

Today 3 April 2009,as usual these terrorists are still continuing their ongoing DEW attacks on me,inducing guilt,fear, and all the similiar psychological attacks.
After I have read about some terrorists report in the newspaper,i am wondering that how those terrorists that they mention in the report can pose a threat to their "security",with such advanced covert technology that can almost scan the whole world within split second that they are actually using on us,innocent victims and TIs worldwide.Furthermore,I have seen reports on television about some terrorist leader,which I do not feel that they can possess any technological means to counter these "terrorists" that were terrorizing the civilian populations from the run down clothing that they are wearing and the remote areas that they are protrayed in.Any clear logical person will not be able to make out how this can be possible that the "terrorists" that they claim are of some "highly dangerous high tech criminals who have biological weapons capability or other means".Immediately after thinking of all these,the "real biological terrorists" send a "telepathy message" to my head saying "that's right".It is a voice of an English guy as well as the same usual Chinese lady voice.
It is a clear indication that all these propaganda are used as a political means to achieve some monetary gains and illegal businesses.