Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inducing erotic dreams into my skull

Once again these perverted psychopath tries to induce erotic dreams involving my family members and relatives to threathen me,frame me as well as to make me look like a psychopath using their mind control technology.

I can tell and differentiate very well because they induce a dream whereby a sports car zoom very fast past me indicating death threats.This particulat sports car is some kind that I have enver seen before and I am not a fan of automobiles,so there is no way that i can "imagine" such a car in my dream with all the features so clearly defined.It is defintely the doings of the mind control weapons.
Finally I realize what the so-called "dream interpretations" are all about,it is merely used as a cover up as well as a false pretendence to gain the "mental patients" trust and cooperation with the Nazis criminals in secrecy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fraud Dream Interpretations

These criminals show to me what dream interpretations are all about by inducing dreams into our skull with their weapons.They told me that that is the real truth of how dream interpretations started,acting as a cover for their illegal human experimentation running in secrecy.

The mind controllers can destroy everything that anybody have

The mind controllers(NWOs) can attack anyone psychologically so badly that anyone will become a zombie with not much feeling left.They can take everything that you have and destroy you as a person at the same time.

Beware of what these evil mind controllers are doing
1)You got to recognize the fact that these NWOs are in possession of everything that you have.You got to recognize that you have nothing.
2) You got to recognize that you have to concentrate on your mind controllers if you ever want to return back to normal and you have nothing in your possession
3)They will try all psychological methods like inducing guilt,fear,jeolousy,every emotions that you have so as to control you
4)Once they started their mind control program on you,you have to recognize the fact that they are going to emotional manipulate you all the way(therefore there is no history at all,there is one actually,the mind controller has the history for they are the one who manipulate everything into any story that they want,you have to get this fact right)
5)They are going to make you a sarcrifice all the way,you have got to know this fact

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need Not Hide your true Feeling About New World Order

They have a statellite that can surveilliance every citizen in the world,I realize that there is not a need for you to protect yourself or others by trying to conceal your actions at all,they have eyes in the sky.
Let them know that you are against them and influence the whole world to go against them.It is the only way of survival for humanity to come.
Do you all know that not only I have nothing in these world but everybody in this planet as well?
They told me that they wanted those who are trying to help us secretly to break their own fear into helping us.they simply enjoy the thrill of our miseries.
They have been playing all of us and they are enjoying every single moment of their time oberving us,I hope that you can see the whole picture,please do fight for your family,your friends as well as for your own future.

Mind Control Weapons must be destroyed right in front of the world's populations eyes

The invisible perpetrators mind controllers have confessed to me that what they have been doing all these while are for eventual world domination,enslaving the entire world into their biding.
All the Tis around the world have a hard time in convincing others of what are happening to us and there is not a chance for us to fight in court even if there is a trial since we have no evidences at all as all the evidences that we gather can be either altered or destroyed with their advanced criminal technology.They told us that these criminals are trying to make everybody become a killer in order to escape.The only exception we have are witnesses and the only hope that we have are for them to come forward to testify against these criminals.They told me that these criminals are using us,TIs for their dream but they do not need any person in the world for their purpose at all anyway,it is just to make their jobs easier by making use of us,TIs ,making the whole world suffer to see our miseries so as to mind control everybody easier.
They too have confessed to me that they are using research in Alzheimer's disease,traumatology,PTSD,schizoprenia and brain research as a front to hide away the secret mind control experiment that is used to control the whole world.The whole world is at stake now and it is up to the whole world to wake up and fight against these Nazi criminals before it is too late.I am already gone and have no future left,and now it is up to the whole world to do something for themselves but of course I would like to lead a peaceful life in a quiet place after the removal of these criminals.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The perps have shown remorse and have finally woken up

The invisible perps have shown remorse in what they have done and are willingly to help us now.It is obsolutely a good news for all of us including the perpetrators themselves too.They have agreed to cooperate with the whole world to expose these technology and the mastermind's evil plans,they are our saviours right now.
Yesterday night,they have shown me their technology capability whereby they can actually dubbed any videos or recordings on the spot.They can create any evidences that they want,and what do that mean?The world is in a lawless state,it is a fact and they also agreed with me too and they told me that they really do not know what they are doing all these while since their main aim is to set me up.They admitted that they can easily duplicate a lot of concrete false evidences that no one will be able to detect and they are wasting everybody time.
They have even hit me with HAARP technology that they claims which can actually induce pain on a person by altering their brain neurons.They even admitted that they are using all sorts of weapons on me not only with HAARP,DEW,statellite mind control weapon but many more.
I have also told them that I know the fact that the surveilliance team are the only ones who have been watching me all these while and not the whole world for I strongly believe in conscienceness and humanity exists.
They even told me that the whole world are naked since they can see anything,any person,any location in the world with their statellites.They told me that they have superweapon which is meant to be used to "save the world" but they have finally realized that it is an armargeddon weapon,contrary to what they believe and they are willingly to help save the whole world together which has always been their primarily aim.Furthermore there is no terrorist at all and they have finally realized that they are being used and they are victims themselves.
They also agreed with us,TIs that we cannot protect anyone since we ourselves are already deprived of all rights,let alone the ability to save others.The invisible perpetrators realized that and they want to protect not only their families ,their future generations,themselves as well as ours too,let us give them a chance as well as for ourselves too.They have even agreed to me that they should not only provide hope to the world but happiness too.They admitted that they have been treating everything as if it is a game and they are superb action-packed fellows,they really think that they are filming a drama,they are crazy and childish.They have admitted that they have been instigating other people to force me to ask for forgiveness from the public so as to enslave me and make me a scarifice.They have even admitted that they will eventually use their mind control superweapon on everyone to control the whole world,it is a matter of time.
They have also regretted for not listening to our advices by continuing to work for their evil masters ,have really shown great remorse and are willing to lend a helping hand to us now to expose the technology.


The "tricked" perpetrators trust the "manipulator" more than anyone,I wonder why?

It seems that the perpetrators trust the "manipulators" more than anyone.Even if everyone has common purpose,how is it possible that they can trust the "manipulator" so much that they will not do anything that is against their conscience and morals.From my conversation with these perpetrators through the mind,these mind controllers are extremely unethical,ruthless,scheming and greedy.But i know that a lot of the "tricked perpetrators" are coming in their own will,they must have trusted the "invisible killer(mind controller)" very much and they know "these killers" personally,i really wonder why.They must have been mind controlled too.

Their ruthlessness to prevent me from fighting them

After failed attempt of using coercive method to force me into submission and to prevent me to fight them,they resorted to making use of my sympathy towards others to stop me and use me for their purposes.They tried to give me an impression that if i ever try to fight, a lot of people will be affected because they are already "tricked victims" of these crimes and if i ever fight and leak any information about their crimes,a lot of people will "die".Therefore I have to seek information first before doing anything.
They even try to use my weakness lust to control me,as well as any types of psychological methods,desires that you can think of,you name it,they have it all to control us to be their slaves as well as to dig out every secret that we have,making us die a horrible death,human beings who have no secrets of their own even on the day that they die and who only know nothing but suffering.
There is no such thing as "experiments","finding the truth",;finding history","i want to make you say" or whatever things that they claim to be,it is nothing but GENOCIDE.They psychologically make the subject to do the opposite from what the public wants by constantly confusing and following the targets' feeling gathered from their mind reading technology.
I have even told them that i would tell everything that i know of to a human rights investigator.

Our only way out

Since these perpetrators can read our mind all the time ,can counteract whatever actions we take and with their super advanced technology that can create as many false evidences that they like and manipulate the others,to protect other people as well as for ourselves,the only way out is to fight with them with psychological warfare hoping of controlling them one day though the glimpse of hope is very dim with all their elites behind the scene controlling our mind.
I am not afraid to disclose what i am thinking to these criminals now as they can read my mind anyway.
i know that they wanted to drive us targets into getting a hostage and then kill us on the spot with the excuse that we are dangerous.Others may think that that is the only way out for us TIs and may even suggest that we should do that in order to save ourselves for those who believe in whatever we are talking and wanted us to do something.
You got to know that this DEW weapon is pointing right on our brain all the time and can kill us in a split second by increasing the frequency or power of their weapon.
This is defintely not a solution at all and furthermore though we are TIs ourselves we are still sane and has conscience and will not exchange other people's safety with our own safety and only these egostic,selfish,ruthless criminals can do that.Their ruthlessness includes all sorts of death threats,using the world as "hostages",and my organs as bets for their game so as to force me into submission while spreading the opposite against me to the public.Knowing that i am just an illegal human experimental subject,a lab rat who are deprived of everything I have,I have nothing,everything that used to belong to me are already theirs. We,the TIs are after these invisble killers only and even if other people feel that we should take revenge on these invisible killers by taking them as hostage,this is not feaasible too since we do not know who they are and there are many of them,I cannot possibly kill all of them to make sure that i have a way out.
The only way is to destroy the mind control technology and go for peaceful protest when there is a chance in order for the public to prosecute them and give back our rights.
We are fighting that all the time and we need the public to help us and try to believe in us,to help not only us but yourselves too as anyone of you may become targets yourselves too anytime.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perps telling me that some bad apples of the police force have turned to betrayal of the country

They have admitted that some of the bad apples of the police force have been acting as spies for the secret societies(CIA,intelligence groups) all these while without the public knowledge.They have been instigating many conspiracies and ruses all along for their self-interest without bothering about the public safety at all.These bad apples wanted to escape from the gravest crimes that they have committed on me and the public.They told me that the CIA have many connections with many of the intelligency communities,corporations,etc.

Faking Of Obtaining history To torture me to death

The perpetrators have told me that they have been trying to take history from me which were all manipulated by them.They agreed with me that there is no history at all for they already have all the records from their mind reading technology.Their main purpose is to torture me to death.
For those who are not aware of the mind reading technology,other brain technology capability,these are what these killing devices can do:
1)Monitor/read what the subject is thinking,including intentions and every aspects of the subjects emotions 24/7 every minute,every second at a distance
2)Can induce hallucinations/delusions/dreams by changing the neurons of the brain using microwave technology
3)Can send audio hallucinations into the brain
4)Can get visual images of whatever the subjects are seeing all the time(subjects acting as cameras for them}
5)Mind manipulate a person to whatever they want them to be
Therefore,a mind control victim has to think thrice everytime before he acts,aware of this technology capability and have to train themselves to have a lot of self-control to counter these bastards till they can find an opportunity and are sure of a real victory before they can go all out.
They can mix with these forms of "fake" delusions with live perpetrators acting to enhance the hallucination effect.Those perpetrators who are not aware of their crimes may be tricked to "act" too to "help" the "patients".These so called "mental patients" may not be able to differentiate from the real and "tricked" perpetrators getting themselves discredited from the public.

Invisible Perpetrators Admitted That They Have Been Taking Pleasures From Our Victims' Misery

The invisible perpetrators admitted that they have been all along making fun of we, TIs getting the utmost pleasures out of our miseries,a very sadistic groups of people.They will try to give us a lot of crazy life threathening scenarios that have no solutions at all and wanted the TIs to think of a solution to get out and worse still to get the utmost advantages out of the "obsolutely no advantages" situations.
Examples are like "There are many people after you who have been using the public to attack me,while there are also groups of people and supporters helping me,and the public is not aware of the insidous insider secrets that the perpetrators have told me,what will I do to get out of the situation without hurting anyone at the same time protect myself?On top of that,the assailiants can read my mind all the time and I have to try to fulfill all the above requirement without the assailiants knowledge.

My answer is obviously a "No Solution Answer",as the perptrators can make up anything they want since any path that I take have may subpaths that they can use to their advantages and to my disadvantages.Furthermore they can read my intentions and mind all the time,they can react faster than me.There is no way out.The only way out is to wait for their death and try to survive as long as I can unless I can get external help who are willingly to help me.
But obviously, all these were just used to harrass the victim,brain drain them to break down we,TIs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Another confession and clarification from the perpetrators

The perpetrators told me that the 911 "terrorist attacks" were staged by them and they confessed in using different forms of distraction to draw the attention of the targeted to make them look forgetful and paranoia.They have also admitted to sending ladies,young to old,at synchronized time to "show off their parts" to me while they are "capturing" behind the back without our realization around 2006-2008.
They told me that they "thought" that "i am finding excuses to justify my behaviour" to
justify their hate crimes against me.Apart from that,they have also been using "investigation,experiment fraud to bluff the people to finish me off.
They have also told me that the whole world is after my life,CIA,M16,secret services,intelligency agencies.

Hopeless fight-A decision to cooperate

I have finally realized that there is no way out for me as they are in control of everybody,every organisations,mnc,religious groups and every nations in the world.And there is no practical support given that can free us from this slavery mind control.I have given up all my hopes.There is nothing more I can do now,all I can do now is to cooperate with them.The invisible has confirmed with me that everything till now is a cover up and a worldwide scam.
Some of the horrible mind torture includes using ruse to force the target to think of the positive sides(changing extreme behaviours) while constantly hitting them to force the target to break down and commit suicide.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Continued Intense Electronic Weapons Torturing And Self-Confession

The evil perpetrators continued their cruel,inhumane torturing to deprive me of sleep.
This time round,these invisible DEW killers have finally given up their stupid self-contracting deceitful psychological arts of mastery.They finally can see that the whole world are afraid of them because of their Weapon of mass destruction.They have admitted that they wanted to torture me and give me the most horrible death that no one in this world can ever experienced because of destroying their dream of "saving the world"(destroy the world to be precise).They told me that the law enforcement has been acting God all these while to trick everybody into their submission which they finally realize that the real fact is that we are just defenseless citizens who have no protection against their DEW weapons.They have been trying to use all types of psychological methods,tortures ,ruses and distant physical attacks to induce me to commit crimes and frame me to cause the whole world to attack me.They even admitted that they wanted to let the whole world see my suffering by sending everyone,one by one(ruse)to slowly torture me to death.They wanted me to pay for "all their losses"(money laundering activities which they told me in the past,genocide,etc).They even admitted that they are trained to be assassinators and they told me that they really do not know what they are doing all these while since they can just kill me anytime with their weapons without anyone bothering which is their main priority.I believe that they just wanted to make the whole world to betray the target before the final kill. These are the most horrible,cruel,inhumane hate crimes and genocide that can ever happen to any human being in world history.
They have induced pains all over my body which they claim of using Mendusa and all other forms of DEW weapons at their disposal to torture me to death.They have even admitted that I am a "thought criminal" indirectly and wanted me to become "perfect",I will pay for any negative thoughts that they read from my mind and be better than anyone of any criticisms that come out from my mind.They have admitted that these are nothing more than a ruse(stupid one) just to kill me when they can just directly kill me with their directed energy weapon either covertly or overtly since no one will come to my rescue,and everywhere is their people who can serve as their "witnesses" and anyone who has analytical ability and know the truth will just pretend that nothing has happen and simply walk away because the whole world are just simply afraid of them,cannot do anything about it as well as afraid of becoming targeted themselves.
They have even admitted that one of their main aim is to push this torture technology to the market for lie detection purposes,mind control,etc but they have finally realized or rather stop deceiving themselves that it is nothing more than a weapon of population control and torture for they can clone anyone's voice in the world,including the target to make out whatever they wanted.So anyone who has thinking ability will know that these criminals will try to clone "conversations" inside the "tapes" or "black boxes" to make themselves innocent and the targeted guilty.
Another ruse of theirs is to trick the target of believing that the people around him is being targeted too to induce stress and paranoid.However,they have "overlooked" the fact that almost everyone know that we are TI,and we as TI has nothing to lose since we have lost all our rights and will die any moment since there is always an invisible gun pointing our heads,in fact the whole world heads 24/7 every minute,every second and if they are targets themselves,they will contact us since almost the whole world knows our contact number and we are the only confidantes who know each other feeling and situation and have no fear of causing the perps to hurt us since we are all similiar who can share and support each other in this difficult times.We can enjoy each other accompany without any fear and all TIs are working hard to build a second home for ourselves.
We can never have a family of our own as our future generations will become potential targets too AS LONG AS THESE CRIMINALS EXIST.
We will have family,friends,rights and everything unless THESE CRIMINALS ARE PROSECUTED AND VICTIMS ARE ENSURED PROTECTION.
Furthermore,they can induce dreams too as a means of "collecting evidences".
They told me that they will pay

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Torture increased dramatically

The torturers restarted their intense torturing again with their ever increasing electronic weapons attacks as well as their increased sleep deprivation.They told me that they are not going to let me sleep and they admitted that they are psychopaths who simply enjoy the thrill of torturing.
This time round they increase their DEW strength to increase pain in my abdominium,buttocks and various parts of my body.A very hoarse lady voice threathened to kill me if i were to fight with them.They warned me again"Do not fight if you want to keep your life" with a very threathening commanding voice.
They seem to be trying to tell the world that they did the crimes because of a sympathetic reason so as to trick the world into believing them so as to get a lighter sentence if they were to be trialed.They admitted to me that they have been deceiving the whole world with their acting skills to win the empathy of some groups of people or the population.They told me it is a black art that they have learnt,a psychological methods.
They have even admitted that they sent some "ladies" over to be used for threathening purposes as well as for "illegal capturing" without our knowledge.
They even used their directed energy right to the area of my heart and make a heat sensation on my head to send death threat to me.
There is another guy who threathens me that if you were to fight,GO.(indicating die)
They told me that they do not want to die and whatever they do is to escape.I told them that one day I will see them in court(international criminal court) and see you being prosecuted right in front of my eyes but they told me that this day will never come.
They even admitted that they wanted to make me a sarcrifice by trying to coerce me into false confession of their crimes of "accident","wedding","daughter","wife",etc.
I even told them that they will face retribution for using me to gain sympathy from these groups of people to attack me and to help them escape.They even admitted whatever they had done so far were to eliminate me only.They show no remorse at all and still believe that they are still above the law.
They even told me that they treat everything as a game and they love psychological warfare very much.They are psycho extremists.
There is also another caucasian man's voice that say that they wanted to drain my brain to make me collapse and torture me.
I told them that as long as they live,i will have no future and as long as I live they will not get anything or benefits from me.
They begged me not to fight as they have a history of abusing records and they seemed to be well known abusers AND THEY TOLD ME THAT THEY HAVE NEVER CRITICISE THE GOVERNMENT IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE.
All I have to do is to wait for their eventual death as the most logical move if there is really no way to prosecute them.