Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hackcare attitude of the officer in charge

The voluntary causing hurt case which I filed has been dragged for almost many weeks before I received a notice from them.How could such a trivial case requires such a long investigation without any news from them when all the information has been provided including the location?
I was told to meet up with the police officer,Aizar for statements again whereby they encouraged me to drop the case and asking me what I want from my pursuing.This is the biggest joke that I have ever heard of and it has again shown us what "they are trying to show the world".They seem to also leak my confidential information somehow after a few words with them.
They even told me to look for my assaulters for compensation or getting an opologies from them personally which is the best thing that I can do.Those who have eyes can see clearly yourself,i have bruises all over my body when i first lodged my complaint,everyone can see my injury and even the "two police officers that reached the scene",Hisyamuddin and wong mei zhen can be my "witnesses" too.However police officer,Aizar who interrogate me claims that these 2 police officers that reach the scene cannot be my witnesses,they really believe that we are all idiots.They even induced me to drop the charges as "there is no case at all" as expected from them.At least i got the case file which any sound human rights investigator can get hold of.
They are just trying show the public something,they are above the law and "how smart and how "nice" they are.(Only you understand what I am talking about)