Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Increased Atrocities Of Invisible Criminals

These invisible crimninals still believe that they are above the law and no one can prosecute them.
Their sadistic criminal acts of psychologically raping,physically raping,molest,murder,mutilation,physical torture using their directed energy weapons have never stopped.They even told me to write it down and said in a very arrogant way that there is nothing I can do about it and even proudly told me to sue them if I can.They have even told me that they have been using their through wall technology to peep a lot of people including girls,guys and etc whenever they can without the public awareness and there is nothing the public and me can do about it and on one will believe it.
I confirm that they have indeed use their weapons and their technology on many unsuspecting,unaware citizens for their entertainment while I try to interrogate and trick them into confession while communicating them with the mind communication.
I have even confirmed that they have a full personal collection of pornography under their possession well sorted out and categorized downloaded since 2001 through my "brother laptop" who cooperates with the mafia syndicate(You can confirm with him).( I tricked them into "sending me indirectly" while I check on the date and time when these videos are being downloaded by checking on the properties of the file which they have forgotten to edit it).

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Goner's life wish list

These are my everyday promises to these facist criminals since long time ago which I have told them even till today as they carried out their torture on me.
Hopefully these days will come.

1)These facist criminals punished accordingly by international laws right in front of my eyes
(Life Sentence and canings ,persecutions and public exposure of their identity and crimes/atrocities in well-known media not controlled by them)
2)Granted access to their ,mind control technology/directed energy weapon and permissions(hopefully by international bodies) to return back the favor of these invisible facist criminals
->Read their brains,interrogate them,psychological attack them backpersonally monitoring them right in front of my eyes and use them as guinea pigs(for they are the perfect candidates for mind control experiments being researcher themselves who can give good feedback based on their experiences and intensive knowledge of these areas)
->Complete surveilliance of them
3)Trial in a human rights court or international criminal court to prosecute these facists criminals and return rights back to us,TI victims
4)Free innocent street theatres perps who may be still under their control and manipulations
5)Second home and safe houses for the victims,TIs'community

If all the above are not achievable,prepared to drag them for as long as I live,not letting them have any single peace of mind as long as they live

Invisible Perps Inducing Me To Attack Others

The invisible criminals "reminded" me again that "they really want me dead",it is a total hate crime and told me to "attack them".They continued to ridicule,insult and harrass me as they send their directed energy on my body parts.Not only they insult me,they also insult their street theater perps as well,they even told me that the gangsters are there for sacrifices,they are useless beings anyway.I shouted back at them and told them that they will pay dearly the price of attacking me and using the gangsters,prostitutes,gays,phedophiles,lesbians,mercenaries as their sacrifices.It is still always the same old usual divide and conquer method and setting up.They told me that they "do not mind",they are there to "give you","go ahead",they like you,they want you dead,they do everything for money and so on.

It is getting more and more difficult to control after the fact that you all know what are happening and you are supporting the mind control thingy and you know what they are for.
Please take note of yourself,theater perps,please think before you act of what a normal human being will do if you "do that".Do at your own risk,you are warned.

They even told me to sue Singapore when I "told" them that "you" are the only one that I am going after for many times since 2008 when I realised the mind control thingy.They continued to "shift the blame" insidiously and shamelessly without any remorse.They are definitely not patriots,take note.They still want to shift the "legal responsibility"(if there is one) to a greater pool of people in the expense of the public for them to go scot free EVEN TILL TODAY.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beware Of Brainwashing

The invisible bastards are trying very hard to brainwash me as they "cry" to me to "let them off" with their dramatic V2k "drama" using probably voice cloners and cleverly planned script as they continued to torture me.They have been trying very hard to induce me to "blame on the others" to direct me away from their atrocities even till now.Be sure that their cunning,cowardly acts will no longer work on me after realizing what is happening.THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO BRAINWASH ME AS LONG AS I HAVE THE EVENTS.
Remember,we can never be sure of what their real motives,intentions are as they try to make us go round in circles using their induced script so try to ignore them as far as possible to prevent ypourself being trapped into their "virtual prison".Do not bother about their intentions since there is nothing you can do about it and you can never be obsolutely sure since the victim are always subjected to intense isolation,there is no way you can gather 100% concrete,sure truth about them without mingling with them for at least 4 months continously(this is the normal minimium amount of time to know a person) as they will carry out staged drama to you on a daily basis .Therefore the intentions of the "street theatre perps" are something that we,victims have to temporarily ignore for they carry out their actions accordingly to the intentions of the invisible perps and not really theirs.
If the street theatre perps are doing something according to their own wishes and their own will,what will they do?(I believe in your intelligence to understand what i mean,just think of what you will do without anyone instigation of whatever you know so far solely accordingly to your own decision).

These invisible perps shamelessly try to escape to brainwash me into believing that the society is the one that cause my plight and set up the street theatre perpetrators and me to become their scapegoats and fight each other while withdrawing our attention away from them.

Any street theatre perps who come upon my site,please do heed my advice,stay away from these "invisible perpetrators(dogs)" whom you may have encounter with and exert your own rational thinking and not swayed by their peer pressure,sweet talking,staged dramatic acting and intimidation.