Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Desperation To Escape V2k Drama

The invisible perpetrators shows again their yet another desperation to escape cries using their v2k,I wonder what they are trying to do again and what they want to show to me.It is all invisible drama and I already have knowledge about it and yet they continue their harrassment v2k skit again and again.I have already told them,I shall see you in human rights court or international criminal courts,you can be sure of that and I would never commit suicide till justice is done,they can jolly torture me all they want while I think of ways to counter their effects.
Again there is a "caucasian lady voice which "she" claims to be the secret agent last time round crying out loud."We are done for" meaning game over.After that follows another chinese lady's voice saying in Mandarin,"You are indeed smart."Then there is another guy's voice saying in teochew,"you just won't listen,tell you do not fight."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who my perps are?

These invisible perps are highly intellectual people who called themselves as elites as I try to find out about their identity and personality.They are most probably psychologists or doctors with the uniform group supporting them.They have been acting psychopathically(yes they are in fact regarding to personality even though they are acting as one(behaviourly)).Their aim is probably to want to let others know that they are psychopaths so that they can get away from their crimes by playing their own games(their self created laws and rules for their own use) but they are not.They have high analytical ability who are "excellent" in "psychological warfare"(playing like little children monkeys in fact,the sadistic nature of psychological attacks) to force me to craziness.They are extremely highly educated and are very good in English as they have a vast amount of vocabularies as I tested them wittedly.They are extremely well-verse in psychology as they can even name some of the psychology theories like milton erickson hypnosis and other long name one which they mention of that I cannot remember without any pause when asked without their awareness as they try to show off their prowess.One thing I am sure is that they are very very well-verse in Singapore's law,they are definitely from the corrupted Singapore uniformed group in collaboration with other foreign agencies as they always try to send me threats if I happen to do something "illegally"(I wonder if it is really illegal,most probably self-made) which can only be found in "Singapore context",like watching online streaming videos which they have the ability to restrict my ip from getting to those sites but they did not(I wonder why).They have many hackers and computer experts and gurus with them as they seem to know all the different types of programming language with excellent proficiency and are very excited when programming come into play as they always try to show their "intelligent" by sending "beeping signals" when I program wrongly.They are extremely high technology criminals who are totally above the law as they are not afraid at all when I contacted the human rights organizations for help.They even told me that no one can help you,you can call for help for all you want for they have superweapon that everybody fears.They have no sense of urgency as they take their time to torture ,kill and "play games with" me ,a clear indication that they are enjoying themselves all these while without any fear. They indeed have technology only,without that I believe that they are nothing as they refuse to come out from their hiding place and it has been proven when I test them on chess and computer games.They try to act as if they cannot think fast and stupid when it is not as I can differentiate it very well being an above average chess player myself.It is very clear,THEY WANT TO ESCAPE.They also hate a specify people a lot especially me as they only targeted us in shows which I do not know why.(Intention is death threat and blackmailing but why they target those few apart than me are still a myth.From observations,it looks like it is because they feel that they are important to me that is why they are used however it is not. After further investigation,i realize that they hate them a lot as they can use many others too if the reason is stated as in the former.I have tested this hypothesis and I have confirmed that they hated them a lot apart from me.I am currently trying to find out the reasons as to why they hate them so much too.By the way,they are very sound mentally as they carry out their atrocities on me as I interrogate them without their awareness to find out more about them.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting The Truth Out Of Them

This blog is dedicated to my mind controllers as well as future human rights prosecutors/investigators/victims since current non-perpetrators will not be able to gain access to my blog.
I believe I am one of those who can get the truth out of these mind control facist criminals if none can prosecute these facist criminals for I believe I am one of those survivor of all the worst crimes that are being imposed onto us who can interrogate them into telling the truth through the brain link communication just like how they can psychologically break down us with the exception that they can leave or get away as they like unlike us,victims 365/24/7.
From my interrogation with them through some trickery that I learn from their "interrogation" and through my own wits,I manage to get some information out from them which I strongly believe that it is the truth.(At some period of time,they are really telling the whole truth.ruse?)They "leak" it out by themselves not because of confession due to guiltiness.
They claim that their mind control technology is kept from the public which is eventually used to control the whole world.Every secret agents in every nation has such technology and they have signed an agreement between them that they shall not disclose this technology to the public.And they will do everything to protect the secrecy of this technology,so if the secret agencies from other nation is not able to destroy the targets,all secret agents of other countries will be called upon to assist in killing the targets who try to expose these technology.They told me that I am the sole survivor with the exception of another victim from China.And all the "bad practices" have been carrying out for a very long time in secrecy.
They even told me that I am very difficult to deal with and they have resorted all the extreme psychological attacks that they can think of on me so as to break me down to control,intimidate and enslave me.They have also claim that they have been trying very hard to escape by wasting time so as to buy time to brainwash me with their mind control technology as well to intimidate me to abide them but in vain.They also try to assasinate me using the public hand with their ruses either by gaining sympathy from the public from their good acting skills or slanders to achieve their goals.One of their main aim is destroy the victim before they can make it to the court.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I wonder how many people they have illegally chipped

As an illegally chip-implanted victim myself,I have realized that these criminals can implant these bio-chips into anybody in the world without them realizing it.This chip I believe is the verichip which is as small as a grain of rice.All it takes is just a split of seconds of swallowing or implanted beneath the skin,and that is it,you are condemned and ridden of all your rights from now on.That is how scary these chip implant is and you will forever be slaves of these insidious technology and your destiny and fate are in total control by these criminal Nazis mind controllers hands.

As i "speak" to the mind controllers,"how many people have you secretly chipped into".
They keep silent which is not their normal self whereby they will brag about their technology.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gem Of History Is In Them

I heard from the people that I am a legend which has a vast story to tell,a sacrifice that has a history behind him that is worth to be kept.
Do not forget about the Nazis manipulators who are "hearing" my brain right now as i wrote this blog now.They are the ones who carry out all the manipulations,spreading of rumours,planning,killing,etc while CONSTANTLY KEEPING EVERYONE OF US IN TRACK OF WHAT WE ARE THINKING AND WHAT WE ARE DOING.
THE DILEMMA,THRILL,FEAR,LOVE,CONFLICTS,DECISIONS of them hiding behind us as they watch will really be the key important history events THAT WILL SHAPE THE FUTURE.
They form the key bulk of history as they know everything from top to toe which all of us have no ideas of what they are thinking as they carry out all the manipulations and actions.They also got my history too.One key thing we are sure of is we will never know whether the history is true or not if we cannot prove if they are saying the truth.
If the chips that is being inserted into my and other TIs' brain by them is now used on them instead on these Nazis,we believe that we will have our true history right before our eyes,
THE REAL PRECIOUS GEM that all of us are looking for.
I wonder if I can ever live to see the history.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hypocritic Criminals Wanted Me To Sue Them All The Way

These facist criminals wanted me to sue them all the ways despite my insist that I only trust the human rights organisation.They imply to me that they wanted to make the whole world believe that I trust the law by forcing me to sue all the way by torturing me with their directed energy weapons.At times they told me not to fight saying " You have a lot of money,why can't you just listen.Stop fighting."At other times,they say that they do not want to die and force /threaten me not to fight and better stop at whatever activism or spreading awareness work that I am doing.

I have already filed my case to the relevant human rights organisations and if prosecutions of all these criminals will really happen,they will have contacted me.Maybe the time is not ripe yet.
I will be waiting while I continued to spread awareness though I knew that there were not a single local person in this country reading my blogs as I wrote for they would be restricted and "tore down"(make a 404 request error on the public browser).

Only the Americas are the ones who have visited my websites so far who can be a witness of all the atrocities that have been done on me.